Bart Scott: “Mark Sanchez Is A Top Backup QB In NFL”


Bart Scott is off and running already as an NFL analyst.

Scott told Metro New York that Sanchez won’t have a problem finding a job as a quarterback, It just probably won’t be a starting gig.

“Can Sanchez go out and be a player in this league? Absolutely. For me, right now, he’d be one of the top backups in the league,” Scott told Metro New York.

Sanchez missed all of last season following shoulder surgery, is due to earn a $2 million bonus on March 25 and is expected to be released before then.

“It doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of him. Remember Steve Young? Quarterbacks can play another 12 years in this league,” Scott said. “The story isn’t completed yet; the book isn’t even half-written yet. Hopefully he goes to a place where he has some weapons with great coaches, great coordinators and help continue to develop him.

“I don’t think it is over for Mark. It just may not be New York for him right now.”