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Thank you for your interest in the BSO Writer position. There are limited positions available, so please read over the details.

This isn’t a hobby, it is a business, I built this from scratch, so I am very particular about who I let write for the site. Our writers that are currently on staff work hard and are rewarded not just in recognition, but opportunities that will be beneficial to them as they pursue their careers in Sports Media.  Every single one of them have had opportunities outside of the site from interviewing Roger Goodell and world champions to covering games from arena and stadiums.  From being first Independent African-American online sports site at the Kentucky Derby to breaking down prospects at NBA Draft combine.

Please do not reply unless you are truly dedicated to be an everyday sports journalist. This isn’t a blog, many blogs are for fans who want to ramble about their favorite teams and players. We conduct ourselves as professional journalists who are in the industry of online media.  We have covered over 100 live events in the past 12 months and our staff has had the opportunity to appear on television, radio and in print. if you don’t have a certain amount of hours to commit to BSO, I appreciate you reading, but this isn’t the job for you.

Pay very close attention to this last part.  If you are interested and fit the criteria,  please include a short bio and reasons why I should hire you (put in message box).  It doesn’t need to Johnny IQ style, you aren’t applying to work for Verizon, but explain exactly what your goals are and why you want to write for the site.

Thank You for Your Interest.

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