Brady and Gisele Selling LA Mansion for $50 Million

Brady Gisele Mansion

This is what rich people do.

Brady and Gisele brought this property, spent $40 million fixing it all up to their unique specifications and less than a year later they are selling it.

I am going to put my bid on it. I have about $37 (more than usual) in my pocket currently, so I think that should be enough.

Guess how much they want for the property? According to TMZ Sports, they want a cool $50 million. The reason they are getting rid of the the mansion is because they want to live in Boston full time (guess Brady isn’t going to get traded to Raiders any time soon).

What would you be getting for your $50 million?

A 14k square-foot main house, one of the best home gyms in the world, antiques from everywhere around the globe, an amazing infinity pool, waterfall and pond on 4 prime acres in Brentwood.

Yep, this will be my new home. Let me get Gisele on the line.

Gisele and Brady Mansion