Brian Urlacher: ‘Bears should have been loyal to Hester’


Brian Urlacher has been very chatty about his former team since he retired. Now he is chirping about the team parting ways with Devin Hester:

“I was really surprised to hear the news,” Urlacher told in a telephone interview. “You think of Devin returning all those punts and kicks as a Bear. He’s going to break the record on another team, probably. It’s crazy to think he won’t be in a Bears uniform doing that. It’s frustrating as an ex-Bear and a player to see that happen.”

“Look at what the Steelers have done the last couple days signing Troy Polamalu, Heath Miller, some older guys to a couple more years just so they can retire as Steelers,” Urlacher said. “The Bears could do that with Devin. He should retire a Bear. He set all those records in a Bears uniform and his number 23 should be retired one day in Chicago.

If the Cowboys can cut Emmitt Smith, anyone can get cut. I don’t think that Brian ever fully understood that teams have to move on at some point. The real reason the Bears had to get rid of Hester is the same reason he isn’t a Hall of Fame player; he just doesn’t have a true position.

Brian should move on himself from always talking about the Bears. He sounds like a jilted ex-lover.

One thought on “Brian Urlacher: ‘Bears should have been loyal to Hester’

  • The 49ers were not loyal to Joe Montana, the Chargers were not loyal to Drew Brees (Look how that turned out) The L in NFL does not stand for loyalty!

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