Calipari’s Daughter Rips UK Fans Who Say Her Dad Should Be Fired

John Calipari

Despite successfully recruiting what many deemed the most talented freshman class since Michigan’s Fab Five, the Kentucky Wildcats have had a largely anticlimactic season. And as usual when a team with such high expectations disappoints, there will be fans calling for heads to roll. John Calipari’s daughter Erin has a message for those who think her father should be fired.

Of course Erin would defend her father…that’s what daughters do when people have bad things to say about their daddies. But she has it a bit twisted. First of all, at this point John Calipari can’t even be mentioned in the same sentence as a Coach K or Rick Pitino. And secondly, when comparing it’s always important to compare apples to apples. Krzyzewski, Pitino, or Williams never recruited the type of loaded class Calipari had this season in their first five years at their schools.

This is the second year in a row that Cal’s Wildcats have disappointed. I agree that calling for his firing is extreme. But given the their talent level, responsibility for the subpar product he puts on the floor rests solely at his feet.

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  • You do know Roy walked into a loaded class at UNC and then a couple years later had another loaded class. The only years Roy wins championships is when he has 5 players drafted. I think that would mean he has a loaded class.

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