Cavs Read Tweets of Fan Planning to Storm The Court & Ejects Him

Cavs Scotty

The picture above is why this poor Cavs fan Scotty, has gone through the saga that played out on Twitter tonight.

You see, Scotty went to the game tonight where the Heat played the Cavaliers in Cleveland where the Cavs lost. He was all excited and then he had to try to be Twitter famous with this tweet:

Well, he got a sad trombone because this was his next tweet:

Now he is salty:

Still salty:

Ok this is a legitimate beef. I bet those nachos were tasty:

The moral of this story is stop trying to do crazy stuff for RTs. Scotty is lucky they didn’t rough him up in that room since they have had two separate times where fans have run onto the court. They could have let him keep his nachos though.

The Cavs by the way had the final say.