Celtics President: Phil Jackson Another Reason To Dislike Knicks


The New York, Boston rivalry in sports just got a little more intense.  The Patriots already hate the Jets. The Yankees and Red Sox need no explanation.

Could we now have some Celtics Knicks beef?

Celtics President Rich Gotham, speaking Monday at the SXSW festival, said the Knicks hiring Phil Jackson as their team president  will just give New Englanders more cause “to not like the Knicks.”

“It’ll just give us one more reason to not like the Knicks. In Boston, we like to have good reasons to not like the New York teams, particularly the Knicks, if you’re the Celtics,” Gotham told HuffPost Live.

“Phil, he’s the guy who is the challenger to Red Auerbach’s record for most titles won as a coach, so bring it on. Give us a little more fuel for the rivalry. I don’t want to say anything about the people that are there [with the Knicks] now, but having a guy like Phil around, it’s all good fun for us because he’s one of our nemeses.”