Chad Johnson Says Beckham Promised Him MLS Roster Spot



Michael Jordan tried baseball, Randy Moss tried basketball, and now Chad Johnson wants to try his hand at professional soccer.

Y0u might remember a few years back when Johnson¬†tried out for Sporting Kansas City of the MLS, which turned out to be nothing more than the club getting itself some publicity. At the time, the man they call “Ocho Cinco” seemed to realize he wasn’t fit to play professional soccer, and said he was just happy to have been on the field with the team.

“My dream has been answered, to be able to come onto the pitch and play for an MLS team. It doesn’t have to be against someone professional. Just to be out here was enough for me. I can go home. I can die tomorrow and be satisfied. I can go to heaven and tell God, ‘Man, I played professional soccer and I’m good.”

And that was that, at least for a couple of years. Earlier today, Johnson tweeted an interesting little tidbit about bumping in to David Beckham.

For those who don’t know, Beckham is planning on bringing an MLS team to Miami. While the tweet from Johnson was most likely sarcasm, with a personality like Chad’s you just never know. What better way to get some attention for your new MLS team than bringing in a name like Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson for a try-out?

We probably can chalk this one up to Chad being Chad, but we’ll definitely keep an eye on South Beach when they start operating in the 2016 MLS season.