Charles Barkley: I’d Never Work For ESPN, They Make Up Stories (Video)


Charles Barkley challenges Stephen Curry.

Charles Barkley was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show , and I think we can chalk up the idea of Barkley ever working for ESPN.

Barkley didn’t hold back when he said that “ESPN tries to hire him every year” and that “he’d never work for the company,” “because all they do is makeup stories.”


  1. ESPN manufactures stories, over works their employees and I might add under pays them (Chris Berman is the exception). College kids, this is the new world order of broadcast journalism. Manufacture, exaggerate, over work and under pay while the C.E.O. makes millions. College kids, do you still want to do this job for a living?

  2. ESPN does nothing but talk about the JETs, Yankees and Knicks. Very slanted journalism, not bias at all.

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