Chelsea Handler on A-Rod: “A Pile of Sh*t”


If you don’t know who Chelsea Handler is, we can backtrack to her first book My Horizontal Life. Considering it’s a book about her numerous sexual experiences dating back to her early teenage years, her opinions of A-Rod and her reasons for them are pretty amusing. According to The NY Daily News, Handler appeared on the Howard Stern radio show Wednesday where she discussed a recent encounter she had with the baseball star.

Handler, a guest on Wednesday’s Howard Stern show told the King of All Media that A-Rod recently approached her, asking, “Chelsea, why do you have to make fun of me all the time?” to which Handler responded, “Get away from me you’re disgusting.”

She said she followed that up with “You’re gross,” to which A-Rod responded, “Why am I gross? We got off on the wrong foot. I read all of your books. I’m a big fan.”

When asked by Stern why she feels this way, Hanlder said, “Just the way he conducts himself.”

She also called a “buffoon,” before hammering the point home by saying, “He just sleeps around … He is a pile of s—.

Call me crazy but if you write a book acknowledging you like to sleep around, would it be safe to assume that you’re in no place to judge someone else’s sex life? Chelsea sounds a little bitter about something.


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  • Takes me out how people like Chelsea screws a bunch of people and then has to write a book about it……

  • 50 cent smashed

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