Chris Bosh Suggests Lebron is Staying in Miami


Chris Bosh was a guest on the Dan LeBatard Show before the team left for Indianapolis today and had some interesting things to say about his future with the Heat, along with his teammate Lebron James, according to Bleacher Report.

Rather than conduct a conventional interview, LeBatard—the long-time Miami Herald columnist—and co-host Jon “Stugotz” Weiner played two games with the Miami Heat forward/center, first asking him to “fill in the blank” and then asking him to answer “true or false.” 

The final “true or false” question is the one that will get the most attention.

LeBatard asked whether Bosh—who can opt out of his contract after this season—will be in Miami next year.

“True,” Bosh answered.

“And so will LeBron …” LeBatard continued.

“True,” Bosh replied. 

Let’s put Bosh’s responses into perspective. Rather than staying coy or refusing to comment, his answers came without hesitation. However, it was a lighthearted game, so a person can question that validity of Bosh’s responses this way. Either way, someone is finally giving an answer about Lebron James’ next move. Whether or not it’s true remains to be seen.