Chris Johnson Willing To Take Pay Cut To Be Traded

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In the frenzy of the NFL free agency, players are getting signed left and right but Chris Johnson feels like he’s missing in action.

According to ProfootballTalk, Johnson has seen multiple teams start signing players and he’s waiting for that phone call but according to sources, Johnson might want to reevaluate his worth; it seems he’s doing just that.

From Johnson’s perspective, it may be worth taking a pay cut to get the situation resolved quickly. The Titans don’t have to pay Johnson any roster bonuses this offseason, which means they could hold onto him for the next five months and wait until the end of the preseason to cut him. At that point, there wouldn’t be much time left for Johnson to find a new team before the regular season starts, and so he might be better off doing what he needs to do to get a trade done soon.

That would also be better for the Titans, because there are risks for the Titans to keeping Johnson around, too: If they hold onto Johnson and he suffers a season-ending injury during offseason work, they would be forced to pay him the full $8 million while he spends the season on injured reserve. And Johnson’s $8 million salary counts against their salary cap as long as he’s on the roster, so even if the Titans have no intention of paying that salary when the season starts, his presence on the roster affects their ability to sign free agents.

Seems like Johnson is ready to play for a team and move forward with his career. Hopefully a team will see his efforts o continue playing and will pick him up.

One thought on “Chris Johnson Willing To Take Pay Cut To Be Traded

  • The Titans haven’t wont a playoff game in a decade. They should always ask, “How will this move help me win playoff games?” Waiting forever to release Johnson will not help you win anything. I see them having to release him because teams wont trade knowing they can get him cheaper if they wait. With a new owner and new coaching staff they should want people talking about that or Jake Locker instead of gridlock like this Johnson situation.

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