Condoleeza Rice-Richard Sherman Take Selfie (Photo)


Condoleeza Rice is not to be played with, and probably could be a member of the legion of boom.

The former Secretary of State  and Seahawks star Richard Sherman were hanging out before Stanford and Dayton battled in the Sweet 16, and the two took this fly selfie.

2 thoughts on “Condoleeza Rice-Richard Sherman Take Selfie (Photo)

  • One is from Compton and serves as a role model for all of the children in America. The other is from Birmingham and is a war criminal who went shoe shopping during Hurricane Katrina. Can you guess which one is which?

    • I’ll never understand how such a large percentage of the Black community is brainwashed into believing the Democratic party is somehow better for it than the GOP. So much so that any successful person of color is considered an Uncle Tom or that Rice is considered a war criminal and Obama, King of the Drones is not. Open your eyes, you are being played.

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