Creighton BBall Team Emotional After Sunday’s Loss (Video)



March Madness is arguably the most exciting sporting event constantly living up to the hype year after year. Unfortunately, only one team’s season will end with a victory. For the other 63 teams that enter the tournament, their season will end with a loss. For the seniors that loss means an end to their college basketball careers.

On Sunday, Baylor wiped the floor with Creighton eliminating the Bluejays from the NCAA tournament and putting an end to Doug McDermott’s career. In the video below provided by CBS Sports you get a true look into the harsh reality that 63 teams will face during this month of madness. Red eyes, constant sniffing and Coach McDermott’s shaky voice prove that during the month of March there is more heartbreak than hearts filled with joy.

Fast forward to the 7-minute mark to see Coach McDermott address his son Doug and one of the best players in the history of college basketball.