Dan Gilbert Mad at Refs Treatment of Bron Says They’re a “TRA”


Dan Gilbert upset with refs

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has never been one to hold back, so we would expect nothing less than for him to call out LeBron and Miami tonight in Cleveland.

Miami defeated Cleveland 100-96 on a night where LeBron scored 43 points. Gilbert was happy with how his shorthanded ball club competed, but this no call involving James and Haslem had him irate.

Gilbert could have went a lot of different ways with “tra”. Travesty? Train wreck?


  1. Dan Gilbert sounds like a chick that’s bitter because she got dumped by her boyfriend. If I was Dan Gilbert, I wouldn’t care about Lebron James. Dan Gilbert is a billionaire, that is something Lebron James will never be.

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