Danny Ainge: Rondo Will Never Become Tom Brady


Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo is content on just doing him, and simply being himself.

In this new aged of fake and fraudulence, Rondo’s perspective on life can be a bit refreshing at times.  Danny Ainge and Celtics head coach Brad Stevens have voiced their displeasure over Rondo skipping a flight to Sacramento for a back-to-back so he could celebrate his birthday in L.A.

Rondo is now in an intersting position, because he’s now the captain of the Boston Celtics.   He can no longer defer to Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce when it comes to the leadership part of running a team.

Ainge admitted that Rondo was the captain and a good captain at that, he’s just never going to become Tom Brady like in the way that he response to certain subjects.

“Rondo is an emotional, stubborn kid. He’s very bright, and I don’t mind these kinds of emotions,” Ainge said. “What I care about is he a guy I want to play with, play for, if the guys on the team back him and want him on their side night in and night out. Those are the really important issues. Rondo is never going to become Tom Brady and say all the politically correct things and do everything we want him to do, but we still love him in spite of that because his teammates back him and want him on their side. They will go to war with Rondo, anytime.

“We’ve had a culture that has been a little different. It has been a great culture of winning, which is very important, and these kind of things have happened. We had a head coach that lived in a different city and would take different planes to different cities. We’ve had KG, who I think Rondo has learned more from as a leader and a pro than any other player. KG didn’t sit on the bench when he didn’t play, and Rondo has been doing that for every game, except that Sacramento game and Milwaukee game — which we held him back.”