Darren Sharper Denied Bail for 2nd Time; Accused of 9 Rapes in 5 States

Darren Sharper Mugshot

The LA judge thinking is that there are too many cases and accusations out there to let Darren Sharper roam free.

So, while his attorneys try to get him out of jail, the judge keeps shooting them down. Here are the details courtesy of USA Today.

Sharper’s attorneys requested at the hearing that he be held under house arrest if Arizona – where Sharper is under indictment for two rapes – is not going to extradite him, but Superior Court Judge Renee Korn rejected the request.

Sharper, 38, has been in jail for nearly a month after surrendering to authorities in Los Angeles on Feb. 27. He turned himself in that day because authorities in New Orleans issued a warrant for his arrest – a warrant that accused him of raping two women there last September. His attorneys argued in Los Angeles that he could not be held in jail indefinitely, especially after he already posted the required $1 million in bail on Feb. 20.

But his case soon was complicated by allegations in multiple states, all accusing him of raping women after drugging them. From September through mid-January, police suspect he raped nine women in five states and drugged at least 11 people – two alleged rapes in Los Angeles, two in Arizona, two in Las Vegas, two in New Orleans and one in Miami Beach.