Darren Sharper Denied Bail


Things aren’t looking good for Darren Sharper at all. Today it was reported that his co-defendant may have turned state’s witness and a judge has now denied immediate bail for the former football star.

Darren Sharper will sit in a Los Angeles jail for another week, while the clock ticks as the New Orleans D.A. decides whether to charge the football star with rape.

Sharper appeared in court today … trying to get out of the slammer he’s been sitting in since last week … when a New Orleans judge issued an arrest warrant in connection with rape allegations by 2 women.

Sharper wanted out of jail today, but the L.A. Superior Court judge concluded she can’t let him because the New Orleans D.A. has 10 full business days to decide whether to charge Sharper. The judge felt she had an obligation to hold him until the 10-day period runs out next Thursday.

The New Orleans rapes he has been accused of occurred in September.