Darren Sharper Wants to be Released From Jail Today

Darren Sharper Rape

Darren Sharper and his attorney’s will appear in court today to argue that he should be released from Los Angeles jail where he has been since turning himself in on the warrants from New Orleans. According to the AP:

Sharper has been held without bail because of an arrest warrant issued by Louisiana authorities accusing him and another man of raping two women.

Sharper’s attorneys filed a motion Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court arguing that since Sharper has not been formally charged in Louisiana, he should be released on the terms of $1 million bail he has already posted.

I guess I understand his lawyer’s point since he did post bail in LA. However, wouldn’t he just have to go to Lousiana immediately and face charges there since he hasn’t been formally charged there yet? So in theory he would go from L.A. jail to N.O. jail.

These are the types of problems you face when you are accused of multiple assaults and charged with 4 rapes so far.

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  • He has to get his day(s) in court but I guess it’s safe to rule out a vast conspiracy by a lot of women to defame Darren. Good bet he’s going to prison for quite a while.

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