Darren Sharper’s Ex-GF: “He Never Offered Me Drugs”

Darren Sharper Miami Rape

Well I guess if he doesn’t offer you drugs, it’s time to nominate your man for boyfriend of the year.

When asked, accused rapist Darren Sharper’s ex-girlfriend had nothing but glowing things to say about the former football player.

Darren Sharper’s ex-girlfriend — a woman who dated the ex-NFLer for nearly a year — tells TMZ Sports she was “completely shocked” by the rape allegations … saying, “It’s the opposite of the guy I knew.”

The woman, who asked not to be named in this post, told us Sharper was not a booze-obsessed, drink-spiking maniac during their time together.

In fact, the woman says, “He didn’t want me to drink. Never offered me drugs. He was really concerned with how I was around him.”

“I’ve seen him help people. We went to a charity event together. He was egotistical, but the guy that I know is not like [the way he’s been described in police reports].”

The woman tells us she found it “weird” when she heard about the allegations against Sharper in 5 states because “most women who would ask me about him would drop their drawers for him in a second.”

Sharper’s ex says Darren did some research on her before they started dating — trying to get as much info on her as possible — but only to make sure she wasn’t a “crazy girl.”

As for the current allegations, the woman says, “I’m hoping for his children’s sake it’s not true. I don’t want to see him leave that type of legacy for his children.”

Anonymous girlfriend? Hmmmm…but I digress.  Two things stuck out to me when I read this statement: How well can you know someone that you dated less than a year…And just because women were dropping the drawers at Darren doesn’t mean he wanted to get them that way.

Sharper is currently in jail and has been charged with 4 rapes and accused of multiple others.