Darren Sharper’s Family Says He’s Being Treated Unfairly

Darren Sharper Mugshot

It is innocent until proven guilty, even if circumstances makes it look like someone is guilty before their trial starts.

That is being put to the test in the case of Darren Sharper. When 9 women accuse you of rape in 5 different states it is hard to believe they are all lying. With that being said Sharper did post the original $1 million bail and voluntarily turn himself in when new charges arose. That is why his family and friends are telling TMZ Sports he isn’t being treated fairly.

Sharper’s supporters believe the battle over extradition is a dirty tactic to keep him locked up so he’ll be painted as a guilty man before any evidence is presented and the trial even starts. 

As one source puts it, “Darren is a former pro athlete and made a living playing by a set of rules. Now they see certain rules can be manipulated. All they want is a fair shot at justice … just like anyone else’s family would want.”

One of the problems with high profile cases like this, is it is almost impossible to find an impartial jury when so much information is out in the public.

Darren Sharper will remain behind bars for the foreseeable future.

One thought on “Darren Sharper’s Family Says He’s Being Treated Unfairly

  • I’m sure the woman assulted ALL feel like what he did to them is unfair. He should sit his backside in jail until a trial is held and verdict issued.

    Wrong is wrong.

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