Darren Sharper’s Lawyers Say Women He Alledgely Raped Took Drugs Willingly

Darren Sharper Miami Rape

I am not a lawyer, but it seems to me Sharper’s attorneys are going to take the path of trying to paint the alleged victims as basically drunken whores.

Here was their statement while Sharper is awaiting to be extradited to New Orleans to face the judge on two new rape charges courtesy of USA Today.

Sharper’s attorneys, Blair Berk and Leonard Levine, disputed the allegations in court last week in Los Angeles.

“All of these were consensual contact between Mr. Sharper and women who wanted to be in his company, who voluntarily ingested alcohol and drugs in many cases,” Levine said to the judge last week.

The alleged victim’s’ credibility will be on trial as much as Sharper’s alleged actions. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

4 thoughts on “Darren Sharper’s Lawyers Say Women He Alledgely Raped Took Drugs Willingly

  • that sounds to me about right white girls drunk and using drugs not drugged the one in Arizona even admitted to doing mollies with him voluntary. hat’s why I say people need too stop listening to the media and twitter and read the affidavits for themselves. Nola could not get a charge with the first girl o last week another girl came forward for a chumped up charge. REALLY The truth will come out soon. His side has not been told yet.

    • Nice comment Kris. Sounds like these white girls got drunk and deserved it. It sounds like you know both sides of the story and made a reasonable, and well thought out comment. Kudos to you.

      • Yes I did you know what I read the affidavits for myself not what the media and da’s put out bits and pieces. Now, you are the one being sarcastic and ignorant. Just because I choose to not kill this man does not make me wrong so kudos to you.

      • thank you I read for myself and came to my own conclusion. Also, thanks for your comment glad you saw it my way. KUDOS

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