Darren Sproles’ Wife Says Her God Will Punish The Saints

Michel Sproles 2

As you can imagine this didn’t go over too well with Saints Fans.

Darren Sproles’ wife Michel had this to say on her Instagram about the way the Saints organization has treated her husband over the last couple of days.

Michel Sproles
Michel Sproles 2

I hope this isn’t the same God that told the running back to leave the combine or Lil B The Basedgod. Whatever the case, Sproles fate should be determined sooner rather than later.

Mrs. Sproles deleted her Instagram posts.

8 thoughts on “Darren Sproles’ Wife Says Her God Will Punish The Saints

  • This is such a pathetic article on a pathetic website. Started off by using a picture of someone that was not even her and when you finally change it you still leave the defaming title. Nowhere in that paragraph did she say God will punish the Saints. You are pathetic journalists.

  • Saintly woman….

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