Despite Upsets 16 Still Alive For $1 Billion Bracket Challenge

Kevin Canevari nae nae

Despite wins by Mercer over the Duke, Dayton over Ohio State, Harvard over Cincinnati and North Dakota State over Oklahoma, 16 unknown contestants got all four upsets right, along with 16 other games completed through 4:30 p.m. ET Friday.

“We’re excited. We want a winner,” said John Perich, spokesman for Quicken Loans, one of the sponsors of the contest.

Going into the tournament, the chance of winning $1 billion in the NCAA brackets was the ultimate long-shot — 9.2 quintillion to one by some estimates.

The chances of winning dropped to zero after the very first game Thursday for an estimated 84% of the fans who picked Ohio State to beat the University of Dayton.

About 98% of fans had picked Duke to win that game.