Dodgers Adrian Gonzalez Leaves Game With “Sightseeing” Injury


Well this is… interesting.

The Dodgers are currently in Australia playing a few exhibition games against a team of Australian players before taking on the Arizona Diamondbacks down under to kick off the season.

During an exhibition game earlier today, Dodgers All-Star First Baseman Adrian Gonzalez left due to some tightness in his back. Turns out Gonzalez hurt his back doing a little too much sightseeing. No, seriously. Yahoo Sports has the details.

“I need to rest, get off my feet,” Gonzalez said. “I’ve done a lot of walking around the city. I’ll be good. I’m positive I’ll feel better tomorrow.”

Gonzalez said he felt discomfort in pregame stretching, but started the game hoping it would improve.

Sounds like all Gonzalez needs is some rest and relaxation. Maybe this was just an excuse to watch the NCAA tourney. After all, he did use Rob’s number one excuse.