Dodgers End Yankees Reign as Team With Highest Payroll


For the first time in 15 years a team other than the New York Yankees will sport the highest payroll for the 2014 MLB season. The Los Angeles Dodgers projected Opening Day payroll will top $235 million, with the aforementioned Yankees coming in second with a payroll of $204 million. The Phillies ($180 million), Red Sox ($163 million) and Tigers ($162 million) round out the top five. Not surprisingly the Astros will carry the league’s smallest payroll, a paltry $45 million, or roughly $1 million for every game they’ll win this season.

The Dodgers were able to end the Yankees’ run in large part because a) Alex Rodriguez will only earn $3,868,852 of his $25 million salary after being suspended for the season for violations of baseball’s drug agreement, and b) they will be paying seven different players a minimum $15 million, including pitcher Zack Greinke, who will make a cool $24 million this year.

Enjoy your time in the driver’s seat L.A.—no doubt the Yankees organization is already plotting how to overspend their way to the top for 2015.