Eagles Mychal Kendricks: “DeSean Jackson Is Misunderstood”


DeSean Jackson hysteria will continue to be the lead subject in Philadelphia sports until the Eagles make a move or a statement.

Amid reports that the Eagles are listening to offers for Jackson, some of his Eagles teammates are coming to his defense.  Mychal Kendricks was a guest on NFL Network Wednesday, and the star linebacker said that “Jackson wants to be in Philadelphia,” and that “he’s misunderstood.”

The Philadelphia Eagles reportedly are willing to listen to trade offers for DeSean Jackson, but at least one of his teammates doesn’t want him to leave, saying the wide receiver is “misunderstood.”

“Once you’re tagged with being a certain type of way, it’s kind of hard to get rid of,” linebackerMychal Kendricks said Wednesday in an interview with NFL Network. “But I’ve known DeSean Jackson since he went to Cal and he’s always been a good guy. I can’t sit here and say anything bad about him. … He’s very to himself and relax and chill. He does his job, he does it well.”

“I want him to stay,” Kendricks, who has been Jackson’s teammate since 2012, told NFL Network. “I want him to be on our team. Deep threat. One of the most elusive guys in the league. I’d rather play with him instead of against him.”