Eric Decker: Demaryius Thomas Is On A ‘Different Level’


Eric Decker is set to hit free agency, but he’s approaching it wit a bit of humility.

Decker is top available wide receiver in free agency, but he admits he was nowhere close to being the best receiver on his own team. According to the Denver Post, Decker says “Demaryius Thomas is on a different level as a wideout.”

“I think Demaryius Thomas is on a complete different level with his talent,” Decker said Monday, via The Denver Post. “I think he’s a top five-caliber receiver in this league. How it falls off from there, where you look at a receiver, I just try to be versatile and play all the positions. People might want to label me, but I don’t want to put a label on myself.”

Decker has scored more touchdowns (32) than any wide receivers  besides Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant over the past three seasons.