ESPN Had Ron Jaworski Explain DeSean’s “Gang Affiliations” (Video)


This is the one time ESPN should have called on me.

In the video courtesy ESPN, Ron Jaworski and Teddy Bruschi were thrown to the lions as ESPN chose these two to explain gang ties and how they work first.

Antonio Pierce is from Compton, and should have been the first and only one on that panel in my opinion. Pierce explained having to cut guys lose and cut the negative baggage.

Jaworski has no clue about street gangs or having gang ties, but he has a job to do.

I guess if you watch a couple of episodes of Gangland, you’re an expert.

4 thoughts on “ESPN Had Ron Jaworski Explain DeSean’s “Gang Affiliations” (Video)

  • Why is that “writers” ( I use that term loosley)on this site continue to misinform readers? Nobody on the panel professed to be an expert on gangs. They more or less discussed the release of a 27 year old in his prime football player and the allegations reported in a newspaper. Stop with the BS!!!

    • Not to mention they didn’t said anything wrong.

  • Ron Jaworski clearly attack Jackson character without any facts or evidence. Jaworski even brought up Arron Hernandez, a guy accused of double murders. Jackson has no arrest records, no DUI, nothing. Jaworksi and the host clearly try too to make Jackosn into a gang member.

  • hahah the writers on this site are horrible

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