Evelyn Lozada Fires Back at Wendy Williams for Calling Her a Gold Digger


Evelyn Side Eye

Wendy Williams said Evelyn used her baby to Carl Crawford as a “Cash Register” and as you can imagine Evelyn didn’t take too kindly to that.

evelyn Wendy Williams

If you are going to shoot first, you have to be ready for someone to shoot back.  Evelyn didn’t pull any punches, cold world.


  1. ok Wendy (where are your comments?) you’re biting at the WRONG ONE and talk a lot of smack about folks, but when Evelyn told you your HUSBAND purchased shoes for another woman at the STORE she OWNS, how’d you feel? (Lol).. don’tcha know EVELYN will beat you down in a NY minute.. you may be from Jersey… EVELYN is from the Bronx..she don’t play that ish!!! If you’re coming for her, you better come correct..or you may be sorry what she tells you (lol)..ABOUT your husband that she knew and you didn’t…and on TWEETER at that..(Lol)//silly rabbit..

  2. If you play with fire, you should expect to get burned! If you screw around with a groupie ass hoe, you should expect her to take all of your money! It’s just that simple!

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