Ex-Michigan Student Makes App That Blocks OSU Students

Michigan vs OSU

These types of things makes college rivalries the best.

A former Michigan student has created a social social media app called “Blend.” The point of the app is to let anyone with a “.edu” email address share photos that go along with the app’s theme of the day, such as “Tailgate Saturday.” A picture of that is here:

tailgate saturday

The awesome thing about this app is that Akash Nigam who created it, designed it so that Ohio State students can’t use it. Here is what he had to say:

It’s like, look, let’s fix the problem for the people we care about, and we just don’t care about Ohio State. That’s what it comes down to. We said, ‘they probably shouldn’t be included in a cool product that we’re building.’

[Ohio State] hasn’t been too happy. I think on our Facebook some guy was like super angry and sent us a few messages, but, I mean … sucks to suck.

Is that slightly petty? Yes of course. But this is what makes rivalries like this great. If you create a profile with an Ohio State email, it just deletes your account.

Thats just great.

h/t Lost Letterman