Ex Wrestler Buff Bagwell is a Gigolo in Atlanta

buff bagwell gigolo

Sometimes your life takes an unexpected turn. Becoming a male gigolo has to count as an unexpected turn.

Former six-time World Tag Team Champion Marcus “Buff” Bagwell is not longer using his talents in the ring but as a gigolo in Atlanta. He now goes by “Buff the Stuff” and you can see on the Cowboys 4 Angels website that his services are not cheap:

One Hour Appointments are available at two hour rate
Two Hour Appointment $800
Four Hour Appointment $1550
Over Night $3000
Per Day $4500
Weekend Trip $8000
Weekly Rate $25,000

The owner of Cowboys 4 Angels says that Buff is the second most popular “gigolo” they have right now. They actually had a tv show on Showtime appropriately titled Gigolos that he appeared on. You can see his clip below. Also, he does have a wife but it looks like they have a very open marriage.

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  • 1st of all every1 relax, buff bagwell is testing the waters of female companionship, he’s still hot, smart and honestly still in the game, so haters relax he’s still the stuff enough said

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