Fan in Stable Condition Following Fall at Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium

Professional baseball made its long overdue return to the city of Montreal Friday night as the Blue Jays and Mets played the first of a two game exhibition series at Olympic Stadium, former home of the the beloved Montreal Expos. But the feel good vibe was dimmed after a 40-year-old man fell over a railing in the stands to the concrete some 10-15 metres below while trying to led the fans in a cheer. The individual suffered serious injuries and was listed in critical condition after being rushed to a Montreal area hospital.

Nearby eyewitness Ian Tkach told CTV Montreal that the man appeared to be in high spirits as he ran around and attempted to rouse others in the stands to start a wave.

The man attempted to stand on a railing in his efforts to excite the crowd. He planted his feet on the bottom rung and leaned towards the field but suddenly lost footing and very quickly fell head-first down to the concrete below.

Danny Richer of the Montreal police told CTV Montreal late Friday that the man, “was seriously injured everywhere in his body, he’s still in critical condition, we do fear for his life.”

The incident marred a near perfect night for the 40,000 plus fans in attendance at The Big O for the first MLB game played at the venerable stadium since the Expos left town in 2004. As for the injured fan, his condition has been upgraded to serious but stable at last report.