Fans Planning Protest Outside of MSG Because Knicks Suck

Knicks Warriors

Knicks fans are fed up, and rightfully so. Despite having the second leading scorer in the NBA, the Knicks have a record of 21-40 and are currently sitting at 11th place in the Eastern conference, out of the playoffs. In response to their supbar season, Knicks fans have organized a rally outside of Madison Square Garden to protest Knicks owner James Dolan’s handling of the sinking franchise.

Via New York Post:

The organizers of the “KF4L Rally,” which has its own Facebook page, are promoting the rally via social media. The KF4L stands for “Knicks Fan for Life.’’

Knicks fans Michael Brown, who has staged demonstrations in the past, Anthony Samaroo, a Chicago-based Knicks fan, and Mark Griffin are the rally’s promoters.

In a statement, the organizers wrote the rally is being staged because of “Dolan’s failure to allow knowledgeable basketball people the autonomy/power to make basketball related decisions…His insistence on overriding the opinions of his basketball people by bidding against himself in negotiations and overpaying in trades. We buy the tickets, the jerseys, the NBA League Pass subscriptions. We are frustrated. We are tired. We deserve better.’’

I understand why Knicks fans are frustrated. Every year they are made promises and they get their hopes up only to see them come crashing down. They have an owner who wants to be in total control yet has no idea what he is doing. Sounds a lot like a certain NFL team owner that I won’t mention.

The only issue I see with this protest is the timing of it. If Knicks fans want to keep their superstar Carmelo Anthony from hauling ass out of New York as soon as the season is over a protest might not be the smartest thing to do right now. Especially when he hasn’t verbalized his absolute loyalty to the franchise. The rally is set to take place on March 19 before the Pacers game.