Floyd Mayweather: “I’ve Beaten Fighters With My C and D Game”


Sometimes in sports if you don’t show and perform on your A-game, you could exit that competiton with a loss.

That’s not something you worry about if you’re Floyd Mayweather though.

The pound-for-pound king admitted during his press conference to promote his May 3 bout with Marcos Maidana, that he hasn’t even peaked yet.

Mayweather told the assembled media that he’s “beaten some high level fighters with his C and D game” respectively.

“I’m a strong critic of myself. Even with the Canelo fight and fight before that I wasn’t happy with my performance,” he said. “I’ve been in the sport a long time, but I haven’t been able to bring my A game totally out. I’ve beaten fighters with my C game and D game, but I haven’t been able to beat anybody with my A game.”

Floyd wasn’t the only one in attendance with high praise.

Maidana’s trainer, Robert Garcia, said that in 1998 he and Mayweather won titles in the same weight division. “Sixteen years later, I’m training my fighters to fight him and he’s still a champion,” he said. “That’s hard to believe.”

Hardcore boxing fans better start appreciating Money Mayweather, because you’re going to miss him when he’s gone.