Floyd Mayweather to Adrien Broner: Focus on Boxing & not Rapping (Video)



If I were Adrien Broner I would listen intently to whatever advice Floyd Mayweather divulges when it comes to boxing, he kind of knows what he’s talking about.

It seems like the beating Broner took at the hands of Marcos Maidana has done little to convince him that he needs to take boxing more seriously, as he continues to frequent Twitter and drop rap tracks.

Mayweather has taken notice of this and told Fight Hype that Broner would be best served if he left those sort of distractions alone and focused more on his craft.

“I love Adrien Broner. I think he has a lot to learn…I think he should spend less time on social media, less time trying to be a hip hop artist and focus more on his craft…he’s going to be a world champion again…Adrien Broner, he’ll be okay…”

Check the video out here: