4 Georgia Football Players Arrested for Check Fraud at Liquor Store (Mugshot)

Tray Matthews

Yeah, this sounds like some kids doing something stupid and not realizing the consequences.  Here are the details courtesy of AJC.com.

According to University of Georgia Police, three of the players were depositing their regularly-scheduled stipend checks on their mobile phone banking apps, then taking them to a local convenience story for cashing immediately afterward, effective cashing the checks twice. One other player, wide receiver Uriah LeMay, was retrieving a roommate’s already-cashed check and and cashing it at a convenience store.

The charges are misdemeanors, so they will probably just get a slap on the wrist. Georgia’s spring practice starts today.

2 thoughts on “4 Georgia Football Players Arrested for Check Fraud at Liquor Store (Mugshot)

  • Why do these “kids” always have to have the “Bad-Ass, Angry Black man” look for their mug shots? Might as well flash gang signs for the photo. – Keepin’ the stereotype alive.

    • That dude doesn’t look angry or badass to me in the bookng photo. I’d say he’s displaying a blank, emotionless, expression. If he had a smile or smirk on his face, then people would be saying he doesn’t really give a f&@k about what he did.

      With that said, the fact that a few more young, black, men have been arrested and charged with crimes will not do anything to help the perception of young black males.

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