Groupie Really Wants You to Know She’s in RG3’s Hotel Room (Photos)

According to Bossip, a young Twodel named Robyn Ashley was a guest of Washington Redskins star quarterback Robert Griffin III.


Griffin III is currently in Arizona getting in some off-season conditioning.

Ms. Ashley, obviously interested in some type of fame sent out this tweet letting the world know that she was with RG3.



In this new age of social media, folks want a receipt or proof.    Robyn Ashley had no problem giving the folks in Twitter land proof with this shot of RG3 just kicking back.



The photos seem harmless, but RG3 has been married a little over a year, and this is not the first time that a groupie/twodel has tried to put him on blast.

I guess Rebecca can expect a new Bentley any time now.

Robyn Ashley for her part quickly deleted her Twitter account, and is now in the wind.

3 thoughts on “Groupie Really Wants You to Know She’s in RG3’s Hotel Room (Photos)

  • is he still on the Christian kick? Or on that loving his wife kick? I hope he signed a prenup, otherwise it’ll be easy money for his wife a couple of years down the line.

  • also, it seems like Brother RG3 only likes them white bunnies!

  • Guys, you can not screw around with groupies! Mike Tyson, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods almost had their careers destroyed because of these cheap chicks. The only way groupies can survive and succeed is by leeching onto a rich pro athlete. Groupies are leeches! Instead of sucking blood out of your body, they suck money out of your wallet!

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