HOF QB Jim Kelly Checks into Hospital After Cancer Returns


Former Buffalo Bills Hall of fame QB Jim Kelly’s cancer has returned. WIVB reports that Kelly, 54, has checked into Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo, New York soon after experiencing excruciating pain in his jaw.

 “It’s a 10. The pain is just tremendous,” he said.

Kelly is going through his second bout of oral cancer after having part of his jaw removed last summer. The surgery was said to be a success.

Once again he is being surrounded by his loved ones, ex-teammates, and the community in general. One teammate in particular, former Bills offensive lineman Ruben Brown, said:

 “He’s in good spirits, he has an optimistic look on this thing. He believes he’s going to fight through it and make the best of it. It’s an unfortunate setback right now. It tugs at your heartstrings I would say to everyone who’s out there watching, Jim is his old usual self, cracking jokes and taking this thing in stride.”

It is always painful to watch anyone struggle with cancer. Our prayers and best wishes go out to him and his family.


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  • yes, hope that he makes a great comeback use to seeing him on the sidelines at bills game

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