Hawks’ Jeff Teague Had Hearing Problem Due To Earwax Buildup


Jeff Teague, DeAndre Jordan

Well this is extremely embarrassing.

Jeff Teague of the Atlanta Hawks missed shootaround on Monday because he had to see a doctor due to hearing problems in both of his ears.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Teague simply had a small ear problem.

“I couldn’t hear anything out of my left ear, at all,” Teague said. “It hit me they day before we played Golden State. In L.A. I couldn’t hear anything. On the plane, it went crazy.”

According to reports, a doctor ended up removing a considerable amount of wax from both ears. He advised Teague not to use cotton swabs to clean his ears and that doing so pushes wax deep into the ear canal. Teague said he has used swabs on a daily basis for many years.

“He got it out and now I can hear everything,” Teague said. “It’s like a miracle.”