Head Coach Steve Masiello Loses $5M For Lying on Resume

Steve Masiello Lying Resume

We have been down this road before. Remember George O’Leary who was supposed to coach Notre Dame before they found out he lied on his resume?

Well now we have Manhattan Head Coach Steve Masiello who did the same thing. He was all set to go be the new Head Coach at the University of South Florida with a contract just over $5 Million and the word is he even signed it. It was all good until USF did a little background check and found out he didn’t graduate from Kentucky like he claimed:

However, Masiello did not graduate from Kentucky, UK spokeswoman Ashley Caressen told ESPN. Masiello attended UK from the fall of 1996 to the summer of 2000 but never earned his degree, Caressen said.

Caressen said Masiello contacted the UK’s registrar office on Tuesday, but she said his conversation with the registrar’s office “was confidential.”

It’s interesting to me that this was never noticed at Louisville where he was an assistant or at Manhattan where he is the Head Coach. The question I have is, should it matter? Yes it looks bad but USF wasn’t hiring him because he “graduated” from Kentucky but because he is a good basketball coach.

That’s going to be awkward for him trying to go back to Manhattan though.