Hockey Player Loses Tip of Finger Blocking Shot (Video)

Jason Fuchs

Rouyn-Noranda Huskies forward Jason Fuchs was the unfortunate recipient of one of the more gruesome injuries you’ll ever read about, as the QJMHL player lost the tip of his pinkie while inadvertently blocking a shot during a game this past Saturday night.

Fuchs scrambled to the bench after taking the shot off his glove, and while he was tended to by trainers and medical staff, his Huskies teammates searched the ice for the missing portion of Fuchs’ digit. Staff even searched the inside of Fuchs’ glove for the fingertip, but to no avail. All in all it took 45 stitches to sew up the end of Fuchs’ little finger.

The 18-year-old Swiss forward was able to join the rest of his team for the trip back to Rouyn-Noranda following the game, despite being lighter by the end of one finger. Guess this makes Fuchs the Ronnie Lott of Quebec junior hockey…or something.

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