iCarly’s Jennette McCurdy Lingerie Pics Leaked After Clowning Drummond


Well….Well….Well…..what do we have here?

A day after iCarly clowned Pistons Andre Drummond on a podcast by admitting she played him just for fun and IG Likes, some lingerie pics of McCurdy hit the net.

The questions begs who leaked the pics?????

If it was Drummond, I understand why he can’t publicly take credit, but it looks like iCarly might have liked him enough to take these selfies.

In the immortal words of Breezy…….these you know what aren’t loyal. Check out the other two pics below.

iCarly Lingerie Pics #1

iCarly Lingerie Pics #2

h/t Egotastic

26 thoughts on “iCarly’s Jennette McCurdy Lingerie Pics Leaked After Clowning Drummond

  • Karma is something else man LMAO

  • Slut that’s what you get. Save that shit for in person. Hopefully you will learn from this

    • WoW Mary! Why call the young girl a slut? She took some photos in her undies and sent them to a guy that was a possible courting prospect. That does not make her a slut. It makes her stupid for giving him something to use against her when it did not work out.

      • Just ANOTHER worthless n!gger loving hore !

        • Thank you SusieQ… Pardon me my parlance, but it is clearly not right for you bitches to be calling the girl names… Who are you to judge anybody? You’re all pretending as if you have never once made a mistake in your life much less to have sinned. Look you here, there is no sinless human to have ever lived on this earth. You may now bow your heads in shame after being reprimanded by a fourteen year old Jamaican boy

          • Ahaha kudos.

        • Get a life u ignorant SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

        • Can you really blame her? Most whites are so scared of being called racist they fall over themselves to shove Obama’s cock down their own throats. The media has spent years attacking the white male portraying them as weak, pathetic, homosexual. They continually brainwash stupid young white girls into thinking they are not good enough unless they have a black cock up their ass. The real fucked up part is this media attack on white males has been financed through advertising by corporations dominated by white male CEO’s that are too stupid and self absorbed to realize.

  • And who didn’t see this coming. D-list chick gets controversy drawn to herself, then takes pictures of herself in her underwear. Typical behavior of attention whores in hollywood.

  • I told you he smashed! Like I said, no one buys a chick jewelry & all that other stuff w/out smashing. He just got too clingy and it scared her off. All those phone calls,face chats, and meeting 5 out of 7 days in person led to something other than kissing. IJS

  • y’all just mad cause she looks fine as hell, work girl

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