iCarly’s Jennette McCurdy Lingerie Pics Leaked After Clowning Drummond


Well….Well….Well…..what do we have here?

A day after iCarly clowned Pistons Andre Drummond on a podcast by admitting she played him just for fun and IG Likes, some lingerie pics of McCurdy hit the net.

The questions begs who leaked the pics?????

If it was Drummond, I understand why he can’t publicly take credit, but it looks like iCarly might have liked him enough to take these selfies.

In the immortal words of Breezy…….these you know what aren’t loyal. Check out the other two pics below.

iCarly Lingerie Pics #1

iCarly Lingerie Pics #2

h/t Egotastic

26 thoughts on “iCarly’s Jennette McCurdy Lingerie Pics Leaked After Clowning Drummond

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