Is DeSean Jackson Throwing Up Gang Signs a Big Deal?


DeSean Jackson Crip

If you are an Eagles fan does this matter to you? How about if you are one of his coaches or front office people?

DeSean Jackson was seen throwing up gang signs again, this time with rapper Nipsey Hustle in L.A. They were attending a listening party for YG where this photo was taken. I say throwing up the gang sign again because he threw it up during a game against the Redskins at DeAngelo Hall and has done it on Instagram too.

So does this say something about his character or judgement? Lets run through a few things. He went on an Instagram rant about wanting a new contract. He got robbed of $250k in cash, $150k in jewelry, and two guns which everyone believes was an inside job. Plus he dropped his ‘Pound Cake’ freestyle because he is the CEO of Jaccpot Records. All of these things happened this year already and likely are leading to reports that he is “one step away” from being cut by Philly. I will take his choice in women and hanging out with Terio off the table for this discussion since we all have questionable friends and choices in mates.

I can make the strong argument that all of the things I mentioned above have something to with hurting his image or the assumption that he has bad judgement. To me, it is a big deal that he seems to constantly throw gang signs because it shows he doesn’t have a judgement or surround himself with people who can uplift him.

When you combine the gang affiliation with the other lapses in judgement I mentioned, there are red flags all over the place about him. Ultimately though, it all comes down to what he can do on the field. Do fans really care if he throws gang signs at DeAngelo Hall but then hits the “ohhhh kil em” after he scores a TD? Does the front office care if he runs Jaccpot Records as long as he puts up 82 rec, 1,332 yards, and 9 TDs?

They might not care but someone should care enough to sit him down and ask him to examine his life choices and if they will lead him where he truly wants to go.


  1. If DJ is such a good dude and everybody is simply misjudging him, then he should stop doing questionable things to make people misjudge him. Throwing up gang signs in photos may seem harmless on the surface but the sign itself represents a gang. The people who are in gangs are not nice people so why would you wanna be associated with them by repeatedly throwing up their signs?

  2. What a lame excuse for an article this is. I don’t recall Jackson ever coming out and saying he was a crip and even if he did who cares, he’s not out robbing and killing people. If anyone took that serious wouldn’t you think people would be more reluctant to rob his house if he was blood thirsty gang banger. Also, your whole matching pictures gang sign is pretty irrelevant considering in the first picture he has his middle and ring finger out while in the second he has his pointer and middle out presumably talking trash to D’angelo Hall. Desean really has been nothing but a good player on and off the field for Philadelphia, funny how everyone forgets how when that news story aired about a young kid being beaten up by a group of other kids Jackson stepped up and went out of his way to go meet the kid and his family and help him out… yeah real bad guy… And for all the people bitching about him not playing hard his contract year…. Why should he? he outplayed his rookie contract by so much and in the game of football your 1 injury away from retiring. If he sustained a serious injury that year he would never get the money he deserved for his on field performance so to me at least its understandable. I know if I were in the same position as him i’d have done the same thing. Enough with this amateur ass articles aimed to just strike up controversy, the guy has just had his best season ever in his first year with new head coach and offense, cut him a break. Besides as long as he’s not breaking any laws what he does in his personal life isn’t anyones business but his, people must have entirely to much time to be so concerned with someone else’s life, go get a job.

    • Chris your the smartest friggin guy here for christ sakes this is fuckin football and djax is one of the best in the leage in his position I dont give 2 shits what he does off the field as long as he catches footballs the way he does he does awesome work for children off the field and the dumb ass writer is trying to get somthing to go viral and nobody cares Iseen miley cyrus twerkin on some dude on tv teaching our daughters to be whores she does nothing for kids but shes an allstar celebrity this writers a joke

  3. Greg, I think you spent too much time in the corn fields of Nebraska. This “gang sign” myth has already been debunked. In the picture shown, DeSean and his pals (One of whom is a devotee of the late, great comedian, Nipsey Russell)are showing off their mad skills at making shadow puppets. Clearly, Jackson is making a dog. A German Schnauzer, I believe. He and DeAngelo Hall were playing “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, by the way. Gang signs? C’mon man!!!

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