Jabari Parker Says He Will Stay At Duke If It Helps Improve His Game


Jabari Parker on SI Cover.

Andrew Wiggins has already made his intent to go to the NBA after one year at Kansas known, so now the question is if fellow freshman phenom Jabari Parker will follow suit.

But if you thought that whether or not Parker will be suiting up in a NBA uniform next year is a no-brainer…not so fast.

“If I feel like there are things I could improve on or things I left, like during the season, then I will probably come back,” Parker said.

“Saying that I didn’t give it my all and that I have regrets, that I have to come back because I owe this program so much,” he added. “A deciding factor is where I’m going to grow the most, whether it’s in the NBA or even in college, the learning experiences that I need as far as (growing as) a basketball player.”

“I really wasn’t a guy that idolizes fame and self-glorification,” Parker said. “Really, what drives me is the team goal and my responsibility (to teammates), so I guess being grounded really helps me, and the friendships that I have with these guys on the team kind of blinds a lot of things that come my way.”

It wouldn’t surprise me if Jabari stayed another year at Duke. He just seems to be a kid that loves playing college basketball. I think how far the Blue Devils go in the NCAA tournament will play a big factor. Either way, he has the talent, drive and maturity to excel at any level.

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