Jeremy Maclin Compares DeSean Jackson Situation To T.O. Drama


If you ask some of DeSean Jackson’s Eagles teammates if they want him to return, the reactions will surprise you.

Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson are two different type of dudes, and Maclin’s response to the Jackson saga should allow you some insight into the rocky lockerroom situation.

Maclin during a conversation with CSN Philly, compared DeSean’s current saga to the drama caused when Terrell Owens was sent home during training camp almost 10 years ago.

“Whatever happens in the organization happens in the organization,” Maclin said Thursday, via  “This was a similar situation when the Eagles decided to part ways with T.O.  That’s just how the game goes sometimes.  So I guess we’ll see.”

Maclin, unlike DeSean, wants everyone to know that he’s bought in to Chip Kelly’s system.

“That’s a decision that the staff gets to make, and I think whatever they decide to do, and with any decision, that’s what you have to believe in, that’s what you got to have faith in,” Maclin said.

“I want to win games, and obviously DeSean’s a very talented player,” Maclin said. “So, I think, I want to win games.  Like I said, to have him on the field, being able to make plays is a plus for the offense.  But at the same time, anybody that’s out there making plays is capable of doing something.”

I sense some shade coming from Maclin.

T.O.’s situation was very different.  He didn’t like his contract, he wanted more money, he earned the right to ask for that money,  and he embarked on a mission aimed at getting himself traded or released.