Jerry Sandusky’s Wife Says All Kids Think About is Sex


I don’t know is Mrs. Sandusky is in denial, she is a co-conspirator or she just doesn’t care what her husband did, but whatever the case she has been on the offensive in saying he was done wrong.

She is now going after the credibility of the accusers according to

In the interview, Dottie Sandusky repeatedly turned her focus to the eight young men who testified against him and the couple dozen others who have contacted Penn State with abuse claims.

“I know who he is, and I know what he is, and people need to look into some of the other situations,” she said.

Her claim that witnesses were manipulated into giving false evidence was a key element of her husband’s criminal defense. The fact that jurors were not convinced doesn’t sway her – she said jurors had made up their mind before the trial began.

“I trust my husband,” she said. “That’s what the world is about today. People don’t trust anybody. And all these young kids, all they think about is sex.”

Just because you are thinking about sex doesn’t mean you want to be violated by a man three times your age.

Mrs. Sandusky isn’t doing her husband any favors with these interviews.