Jets Want Vick To Compete With Geno Smith

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Looks like a mentoring job isn’t in Vick’s future with Jets, he’s going for the starter position he wants.

According to, if Vicks visit to the Jets leads to a contract , he will get his opportunity in a starting role.

“Nothing beyond that is guaranteed,” the source told Dyer. “Geno has a bright future. We certainly drafted him thinking he can start in this league and he did last year. But competition is important to this franchise and Michael will know that if he comes here, he will be expected to compete. That will be our message.”

If it’s a fair competition, we believe Vick will win it.

I can see Vick landing this role on the Jets, we will never see 2006 Falcons Vick, but I think we can get a glimpse here and there. While Vick tends to be on the fragile side, Geno will be an excellent go-to choice for back up.