Jim Kelly’s Wife Says Surgery Won’t Eliminate All of the Cancer



Jim Kelly’s cancer-fighting operation has been postponed, according to a report from WIVB.

A press release from Lennox Hill hospital says:

“The cancer has returned in a location that requires specialized expertise in the treatment of skull-based tumors. He will be treated by Dr. Peter Constantino, executive director of the hospital’s New York Head & Neck Institute, who says, Jim Kelly’s condition remains very treatable and potentially curable. Our immediate focus is on controlling his pain and beginning the process of eradicating the cancer.”

His wife, Jill, provided an update on her husband’s condition:

“The cancer is in areas that surgery cannot successfully eradicate. Therefore, the medical specialists here in NYC along with our Buffalo team believe that chemotherapy and radiation are the best option.”

It is too early to say if this is a positive or negative development. There is no doubt that Kelly is receiving some of the best care that can be provided.

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  • This is why I don’t support cancer research. We donate billions to research but all you can find is treatable solutions. This is BS.

  • I was never a Jim Kelly fan…..

    until today…

    My prayers are with you and your family

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